Prosthetic Design


The prosthetic arm was 3D designed and printed. It consists of three main parts:


  • First Part: Forearm
    • Covers the majority of the forearm
    • A customized opening on the top to avoid discomfort and pressure on user’s lump
    • Two attachment mechanisms to allow for multifunctonality of the prosthetic
  • Second part: Upper arm
    • Inner padding (silipos gel dots) to add comfort and grip to the prosthetic  
    • Weight and force distribution from forearm
      upper arm


  • Attachment between Upper arm/ Forearm: 
    • Preserves comfort, facilitates weight distribution, and helps reducing strain on shoulders
    • Elastic straps and circular strap attachments, elbow motion dependent
    • Adjusters used to easily change fitting
    • Bottom straps to add grip and help with weight and force distribution


  • Third Part – Attachments :
    • Bow Holder Attachment:
      • Screwed onto the forearm part for stability and strength
      • Adjustable bow attachment part that accommodates different bows
      • Two screws to control the rotation of the bow and lock it to the desired angle
      • Tilting mechanism to have the hairs of the bow in complete contact with violin’s strings
    • Bike Handlebar Attachment:
      • Wrist joint motion for a flexible control of the bike’s handlebar
      • Shock absorbance to minimize possible injuries
      • Velcro on the inside for grip with the bike’s handlebar